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No Photo imthesponge
RCT2Trainer Maker ETC.
Age: 14

I have been playing RCT for maybe a year now, but when RCT2 came out there was a lack of trainers so I decided to make one of my own. I began to teach myself how to find the codes for the game and then began to progress to make the actual programe for the trainer to run. 


No Photo Xcite
RCT2Trainer Webmaster + Competition Manager
Age: 15

I have been playing RCT since it very first came out. I enjoyed it that much i began to follow on and collect all of the add-on packs that came out for it etc. As soon as i got hooked to RCT i began to learn more about roller coasters in general and soon became addicted to them. I guess you could same im a coaster fanatic!

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