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This tool allows you to make scenery usable in a scenario. (does not support opening sv6 files yet, you must convert to a scenario)
It doesn't actually embed the object in the file, so you must have the DAT file in the ObjData folder or the game will refuse to load the scenario.
Also, before you use it go to the in-game options and un-check "Export plug-in objects with saved games".

I would also like to give special thanks to, i couldn't have done it without that, thanks guys!

Download Trainer

Bug fixes/Features todo:

* View object names
* Check for missing DAT files/incorrect headers (might be part of another program)
* Menus gray out when disabled



* Added ability to import all types of objects
* Fixed some minor bugs
* Changed sc6/sv6 access thingy into DLL


* Enabled opening DAT files directly, eliminating need to create scenario
* Replaced buttons with menu
* Added save if modified box on exit


* 1st release


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