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10 Mar 2003 - Several Updates!
I have been speaking to Andrew and he came up with a good idea to begin hosting contests here, on the site. I thought it was also a very good idea so, over the next few day's, look out for one of the first ever rct2trainer competitions!

When i made the site, i made a great intro for it but sadly, whilst Andrew is with, they wont allow us to upload the type of file in to the server so, I'm going to have to contact them to see if they could possibly change some parameters and allow me to upload them!

Posted 10 Mar 2003 by Xcite

9 Mar 2003 - Staff Page!
A new staff page has been added to the website. I will be recruiting alot more staff this time to help me out here and there. Mainly with the site and some RCT2 related stuff. Watch out for some big changes

Posted 9 Mar 2003 by Xcite


9 Mar 2003 - New site design!
Welcome to RCT2Trainers!
We have re-opened with a brand spanking new website design which has been made by Xcite. We will be keeping all our usual products that we have done and will be making for rct2 but in a different style. 

I would like to welcome you all to the new, RCT2Trainer Website!

Stay tuned for some more awesome updates!

Posted 7 Mar 2003 by Xcite

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